About Us

Owner, Jeff Lawrence is a 6th generation native. It only takes a one tour ride to know of his love for the town of Fredericksburg. It is evident in his knowledge of the history and lore of the town. From years of hearing family history of his Great/Great/Great Grandfather, Dr. Wilhelm Keidel, the first doctor in Fredericksburg who helped establish the historic town. 

He takes great pride in providing excursions that highlight the beauty of the Texas Hill Country, the great small business owners that run vineyards, breweries and distilleries, all the while narrating the trip with historic tales that make the town come to life. 

While Jeff may not be able to doctor the town like his ancestors did, he does help keep the history of the small town alive.  In addition to a wine tour business, he also helps host The Keidel Inn and Legacy Suites.  Both of which are conveniently located for his wine tour and make a great place to reserve for your stay in Fredericksburg.  Schedule your outing with Keidel Wine Tours today and enjoy some wine with a little side of history.